Fat Tire Bikes

No matter what the terrain or conditions, a Fat Bike makes the impossible now possible. With super-fat tires, these bikes plow through sand, snow, trail, or just about anything you can throw at them. Any rider can experience the stable ride quality, incredible traction and maximum utility found on fat bikes. Designed for conquering any obstacle the trail may present, the is the ideal choice for exploring new terrain, heading out into the backcountry or shredding your favorite local trail in a new and exciting way, it is unlike any thing you’ve have ridden before.


Fat Tire Bikes

Felt DD 30 — Bike shop in Rocky Point, NY

Felt DD 30
Rocky Mountain Blizzard 10 — Bike shop in Rocky Point, NY

Rocky Mountain Blizzard 10
KHS 4 Seasons 300sf — Bike shop in Rocky Point, NY

KHS 4 Seasons 300sf
Surly Bike Ice Cream Truck— Bike shop in Rocky Point, NY

Surly Bike Ice Cream Truck

The bikes shown here are just a very small sample of what we have to offer. Please call (631) 744-5372 or stop in today!